Thursday, November 10, 2005

Got 2 extra hours for your e-mail?

CNET "'I was buried under a pile of e-mail,' Robbins, 41, said. 'I can't remember ever having a nightmare. For my first nightmare to be about e-mail, that was pathetic.'
In his waking life, at the consulting company where he worked, Robbins sometimes had to troll through 120 e-mail messages a day, many of them from his boss. 'By the time I got done triaging the e-mail, I didn't have energy to do the rest of the work,' Robbins said.
So Robbins sent his boss and colleagues a series of recommendations about changing their e-mail ways. When the suggestions were ignored, Robbins quit his job and went into business for himself, helping executives improve their job performance. High on his list of priorities was helping them wrestle down their e-mail."

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