Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Google introduces ad-services referral program

CNET News.com: "With a new referral program, Google has launched an effort to expand its business of serving up ads on other people's Web sites.
The program, which Google introduced Friday, is aimed at Web sites that participate in its AdSense network. With AdSense, Web publishers agree to run text and banner ads brokered by Google and share per-click revenue with the company. Google ensures the ads are relevant to the site's content via contextual ad-matching technology.
Now Google will reward AdSense participants that refer other small Web publishers and bloggers to the program. The company will pay $100 per AdSense sign-up after new participants earn their first $100 in ad revenue, the company said. Publishers can join the program by adding a 'referral button' to their sites through their AdSense accounts. "

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