Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Trusted-Search Service Attacks Internet Fraud > September 26, 2005

InformationWeek > Internet Search > : "GeoTrust Inc. on Monday launched a search engine powered by Ask Jeeves Inc. that verifies whether Web sites listed in results are legitimate or are more likely to be those of phishers looking to steal personal information.
The Needham, Mass., security firm, which sells digital certificates and encryption technology to retailers, financial institutions, insurance companies and other businesses, also on Monday launched out of beta a browser toolbar for Internet Explorer that will verify the legitimacy of Web sites being visited. A Firefox version of the toolbar is expected soon.
In launching the TrustWatch site and browser add-in, GeoTrust hopes more retailers will buy its digital certificates, so they can be shown as a trusted site in search results, Neal Creighton, chief executive for GeoTrust, said.
'A lot of consumers buying something online want a level of comfort with the retailer they're going to do business with,' Creighton said. 'In a way, we're competing with (online-search leader) Google for people who want to purchase goods online.' "

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