Thursday, August 18, 2005

Click Fraud Claims Drive Lawsuits

Wired News: "A few years ago, Diane Frerick and Kevin Steele, co-founders of Karaoke Star, a Phoenix-based karaoke equipment seller, were on their way to $3 million in annual revenue.
They owed much of their success to paid search advertising on Google and Yahoo Overture. By bidding anywhere from 40 cents to $3 for keywords revolving around karaoke (such as 'karaoke player' or 'karaoke song'), Frerick and Steele were able to generate $6,000 a day in sales from $2,000 in advertising, and were watching business grow at a brisk clip -- 35 percent a month compared with the year before. They dreamed of becoming the Home Depot of karaoke."

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