Thursday, April 24, 2008

For All You Do, Bud, This Blog Is About You

Free Preview - "For All You Do, Bud, This Blog Is About You
By David Kesmodel

MILWAUKEE -- Last month, beer reporter James Arndorfer broke a story that Anheuser-Busch Cos. was readying a new brew called Budweiser American Ale. Trade publications and Anheuser's hometown paper quickly chased the scoop.
With his dispatch, Mr. Arndorfer beat the giant brewer's own publicity machine to the punch. Making the story more irritating for Anheuser-Busch: Mr. Arndorfer's beer-news site is owned by Bud's biggest rival.
Mr. Arndorfer, 37 years old, is a full-time employee of Miller Brewing Co., the U.S. arm of SABMiller PLC. A former reporter for Advertising Age, he now runs Brew Blog, a free Web site dedicated ..."

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