Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Leadership Development Business Coaching

2 Hour House is the true story about Brian Conaway, a home builder who, with the help of his community and business partner, Jose Feliciano, achieved what others thought impossible: They built a 2,249 square foot house from the ground up in less than three hours.

The priceless lessons from this monumental task, revealed in this easy-to-read book, will forever change how you build relationships and build your business.

Brian and Jose, two ordinary businessmen from Tyler, Texas, share their practical insights in each chapter about how this experience can be applied to help you:
- Sustain a hunger for achieving the near-impossible
- Develop a plan with the end in mind
- Overcome the views of skeptics
- Define your vision with such passion that others will help you create it
- Introduce “play” techniques that engage the imagination of others to generate the ideas needed to overcome obstacles

What this team learned about life, leadership and the persistence of the human spirit will show you how to transform your life, your family and your work. 2 Hour House provides the practical leadership principles and user-friendly ideas that will help you transform “your impossible” into a better life for you and a greater enterprise for your employees.

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