Monday, July 09, 2007

Debt Settlement - Leaving Debt Behind

Debt settlement provides consumers another option to resolve debt

Dallas, Texas – JULY 9, 2007 – For millions of Americans, the financial strain of debt causes many to seek help from outside credit and debt service companies. And, while many believe these services are all the same, the truth is, there is a large degree of difference between debt settlement and credit counseling services. Depending on their financial situations, many find that debt settlement offers a more fiscally responsible, faster way to resolve debt. Through debt-settlement, individuals have the ability to efficiently and effectively resolve their credit dilemmas in three years or less, depending on the level of debt.

“Finding a way out of debt can be difficult and often feels like being stuck down in a dark hole without a flashlight,” Jim Ross, president of Total Debt Services, said. “Sadly, some people don’t understand that they have different options, and they might be choosing counseling when debt settlement might be a much more effective solution to their problems.”

As the number of Americans with debt problems continues to grow, it has never been more important for consumers to be aware of their options. Through certified debt settlement programs, such as those offered by Total Debt Services, people can approach their debt issues in a guided yet interactive manner. Unlike credit counseling, debt settlement does not require a lengthy qualification process, and consumers work on a budget that allows them discretionary income every month.

“It’s an extremely unfortunate fact in our country that almost every consumer is going to deal with debt in his or her lifetime. But there is hope, and there are viable options for resolving that debt without having to resort to bankruptcy,” Kristie Medlen, Chief Executive Officer of Total Debt Services, said.

Programs like credit counseling are best suited for individuals who can afford to make their minimum payments every month and can commit five-to-seven years to resolving their debt. Debt settlement is a far more aggressive approach to getting out of debt and is an alternative option for those consumers whose debt has become unmanageable to the point where they have considered filing for bankruptcy.

“It is important not to act irrationally when it comes to your financial future,” Ross said. “We suggest individuals sit down and have a heart-to-heart with themselves and decide whether they are looking to get out of debt for good with something like debt settlement or if they can be comfortable paying off debt for the rest of their lives. There are no quick-fixes for debt, but debt settlement will rid you of it completely in less than three years. Credit counseling just doesn’t even come close to that kind of turnaround time.”

About Total Debt Services
Total Debt Services (TDS) is a consumer debt settlement company located in Dallas, Texas. TDS is committed to helping clients free themselves from the anxiety of overwhelming credit card debt. The company offers consumers guaranteed debt-relief programs for eliminating or reducing their unsecured credit card or loan debt. Our debt Negotiation and debt Settlement programs provide credit card debt relief as an alternative to traditional bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling, debt management and debt consolidation loans, including credit card debt consolidation programs.

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