Monday, January 22, 2007

Google In Talks To Buy In-Game Ad Company - 01/22/2007

"GOOGLE IS IN DISCUSSIONS TO purchase in-game advertising company Adscape Media, according to a report in Saturday's online edition of The Wall Street Journal.
Adscape's technology allows marketers to deliver ads into video games by, for example, placing ads inside virtual billboards within a game world. Adscape Chairman Bernard Stolar told the Journal that he has held talks with a number of companies, but that no deal has yet been signed.
Google rival Microsoft last year purchased in-game ad network Massive Inc. Shortly after the deal closed, Microsoft said it planned to integrate the Massive network into Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming system and MSN Games.
In recent months, Google has made significant inroads in selling ads beyond paid search links. The company late last year began selling print ads for dozens of major newspaper publishers, including Gannett, the Tribune Company, The New York Times Company, the Washington Post Company, and Hearst. Google recently announced it intended to extend that program.
Google, which last year acquired dMarc Broadcasting--a provider of automated ad delivery platforms for radio stations--also is testing radio ad sales. "
MediaPost Publications - Report: Google In Talks To Buy In-Game Ad Company - 01/22/2007

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