Friday, July 28, 2006

Teens Online: Not a Freak Zone

Wired News: "When I look at, I see a revved-up, high-octane, super-turbo-powered version of the internet, early 1990s. Or maybe AOL is a better comparison, a subcommunity built on top of the regular internet and a little to the side.
MySpace has all the modern goodies like video and click-to-add-friends networking and interactive event calendars, along with user profiles that remind me of what we used to call 'free web pages.'
But it doesn't have anything the internet didn't already have. I'm talking, of course, about people. Of all kinds.
One thing that makes something popular among young people is that it baffles older people. Like cars, rock 'n' roll and mobile phones, MySpace offers new freedoms to teenagers that have many parents scrambling to keep up."

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