Tuesday, July 11, 2006

MySpace. Should It Be Your Space?

Technique - Marketing for Technology Companies: "If you haven’t heard about MySpace, you probably haven’t seen the news lately. Some reports would have us believe that the social networking site is a haven for child molesters and pornography. In truth, it’s just like a lot of websites – there are good and bad aspects to it. There’s certainly no denying its popularity, and that has a lot of companies asking if MySpace will benefit them.
Large companies like Nike, Coca Cola and Procter and Gamble seem to think it’s worth the risk to have MySpace pages, and so far, it has been. Your company put up a website on the Internet, right? Building your own MySpace page is like that – except that MySpace reaches 71 million reported users.
MySpace has very quickly become one of the top trafficked websites on the Internet. It’s the second largest destination on the web, by page views (second only to Yahoo). Yes, more people view pages on MySpace than on Google. In terms of the most popular websites in the world, it ranks fifth, Yahoo is first, MSN second and Google is third, with Asian search engine Baidu taking the fourth slot (according to Nielsen//Net Ratings). MySpace adds more than 200,000 users daily. It is the largest growing web entity on the Internet. In addition, because of the bad publicity and the fickle nature of teens (the largest demographic on the site) MySpace advertising rates are cheap. Very cheap."

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