Thursday, March 16, 2006

Maxim Road Trip 2006 - Atlanta to Dallas.

Paisley does Dallas: Maxim Road Trip: "The Great Maxim Road Trip has begun.. Atlanta, Georgia to Dallas, Texas.
The Douchebag and Wingman Show featuring El Supremo with Special Guests Max from Armada Magazine, Alcoholnik and So Fain, Friday Night, March 17th, (St. Patrick's Day) @ Reno's Chop Shop in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas.
Saturday Night March 18th is the Grand Opening of Metro5 or M5 in the west end where the Starck Club used to be then after that it's off to Insomnia for the late night party.
Stay tuned to this blog for more info and pictures, etc.. for the 2006 Maxim Road Trip."

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