Monday, August 29, 2005

Web site gives e-mail senders a reputation | CNET

CNET "A new Web site aims to help determine whether a specific computer has been sending legitimate e-mail or spam.
The TrustedSource Web site uses data from reputation filters, which are billed as the next big thing in e-mail security. Makers of spam-fighting tools collect data on e-mail senders and use that to assign 'reputations' to e-mail sending computers and Internet domains. Those who send a lot of spam get a negative rating and their messages are more likely to be filtered out.
CipherTrust is one of those e-mail security vendors. The Alpharetta, Ga., company has sold more than 4,000 of its IronMail appliances to customers worldwide. CipherTrust is now sharing some of the reputation data it has gathered through those machines with the public through the TrustedSource Web site, the company announced Monday. "

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