Monday, August 15, 2005

The pioneers of e-commerce

American Marketing Association News: "Ten years ago, they had just come out of the garage. They were New Age entrepreneurs opening the gates on what a leading venture capitalist termed 'the largest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet.'
The founders of Inc., Yahoo Inc., eBay Inc. and Netscape Communications Corp. each had a vision of what could be done with the Internet, but none knew in those early days the true size of the revolution they had sparked.
David Filo and Jerry Yang, for example, two Ph.D. candidates in electrical engineering at Stanford University, started a guide to their favorite links on the Internet in a campus trailer. A few months later, when 100,000 people visited the guide in a single day, they knew they had a business opportunity they couldn't ignore. They abandoned their electrical engineering studies for a round of venture capital funding. Today, Yahoo serves more than 345 million individuals around the world every month.
Some of these young companies are now household names and part of the foundations of the 21st century economy. "

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