Friday, December 12, 2008

An Interview with Paisley by Jack Leblond

Thank you to @MelaniePhung for writing the questions.

Thanks to the following for their participation:

@almacy a Digital Strategy Expert
@melaniephung a DC SEO Strategist
@martinbowling a lover of Zima
@utahseopro a Utah SEO Consultant
@fairminder who offers Boston Website Design and SEO services
@cyandle a Google Adwords Professional
@melanienathan an Edmonton SEO Expert
@jackleblond a VP of Internet Strategy
@djpaisley a Digital Communications Strategist
@vinceblackham a Utah SEO specialist
@researchgoddess - Staffing Social Media Specialist
@monicawright a Maine SEO professional


1. How long have you been working in Organic SEO and Internet Marketing and what attracted you to it?

I started doing online marketing in 1994 when i was gaming the rankings of thread postings on AOL for a few restaurants in Dallas, Texas. It started out as me building a website for the Criminal Justice students association for the University of Texas @ Tyler, then the webmaster and server admin for the university, while i was doing tech support for people connecting to the internet via modems. While figuring out how to rank for "Criminal Justice Students Assocation" on webcrawler (the only search engine in late 95). I actually was first for "criminal justice" and this attorney saw it and asked me if he paid me, could i build him a web site and make it pull up first. He paid well.

2. In your opinion, what's the measure of a good SEO/PR/Blogging professional?

hmm.. stay within the rules of Google Webmaster Guidelines, in terms of SEO, and in anything tell the truth at all times.

3. Whose Blog do you read the Most?

Hmm.. i would have to say @leeodden TopRank Online Marketing Blog

4. What's your best "SEO secret" or blogging tactic?

Unlike like most bloggers who actually write, i tend to just blog what i actually read, if it's good enough for me to take the time to read the whole thing then the people who read my blog will find it useful. Sometimes i make comments about it, sometimes not.

5. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter, and a lot of people predict Organic
SEO services will become obsolete. How do you plan to adapt?

I've been doing Organic SEO in Search Engines since late 1995 none of my tactics have really changed, my strategy has a little bit due to the continuous advancements in Google to combat spammers and people who snipe code. i try and take a long term approach to SEO slow, moetodical and less temporary, instead of short term, instant results that will require constant attention to keep them first.

6. Please Describe the biggest challenge you face in your current job.

Hmm.. ouch.. i do have to be honest don't I? I have sooooo many ideas, but everything I do is in my head so I end up doing all the tasks for my job much quicker than anyone else could but i have so many other ideas for digital strategy, digtial PR, ORM and Social Media which i cannot effectively persue and still maintain the level of service to my current clients, without having a drone to do code errands for me.

7. Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in Organic SEO, Digital

Communications/Digital PR and ORM, but doesn't have a background in it, on how to get started in this field?

Learn how to write effectively, add to your vocabulary... every single day, start a blog and watch it every day, take a course in website metrics and add this website statistics provider to your blog/website. Study bounce rate and common keyword frequency. generate hits for thousands of qualified phrases with a zero bounce rate, instead of a thousand hits on one term with a 72% bounce rate. Get #1 ranking for 100 terms that generate one qualified visitor instead of #1 for one term that generates one hundred visitors, not always qualified.

8. If you could rank for any keyword phrase you don't currently rank for, what would it be?

Hmm.. i can pretty much rank for anything i want it just takes varying amounts of time depending on how crowded the term is.. how about Digital Communications Strategist Search On Google for Digital Communications Strategist

9. Assuming you had never gone into (what you do now), what would you be doing now (professionally)?

i would either be dj'ing in clubs all over the world or i would be a sous chef

10. What's Your Favorite professional sports team and why?

Raiders 4 Life - i grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and my brothers teams were the LA Rams and the SF 49ers, my favorite color IS black, so i picked the raiders, (at age 3, lol)

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