Friday, September 26, 2008

BailOut Solutions From My Mom

- my mom blurted out this email... and I am my mother's son.. it pretty much says how i feel about it.. good rant mom..

Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but this is the longest political season ever. I am so tired of all this mess. My country is bleeding and it seems everyone is playing “mine is bigger than yours”, For heavens sake, I raised 2 kids, carried 3 jobs to feed them, made trillions of mistakes, never took one cent of government for help such as unemployment or survivor supplement, do now collect my social security, pay for my health,home and auto insurance, can’t afford life insurance, owe approximately 1500.00 in credit cards debt that is being paid promptly every monthly, was fortunate enough to have a trust fund that pays me a monthly amount to supplement my SS of 750,.00 a month and I have to look for jobs to add to a non-exhisting savings for a rainy day, But if my country said to me,” I need something from you I would say,” how can I help,…..I would have shared my children with you and because you have given me an atmosphere where I could survive and grow ,…. I will help………

The solution to the problem is: To send the bill thru as fast as possible (with regulations that safe guard the American people) no pushing thru other bills at the same time, prosecute the heads of Freddie Mac and FNMA and all private parties responsible for this mess, making them pay back all funds realized, to the American people, putting those funds in an interest barring account that pays off our National debt and giving the American people tax breaks for their help. Last make Freddie Mac and GNAM private companies with tons of regulations .,,,,,,,,, Politicians…….are a bunch of impotent, ineffective, publicity seekers, that need to be hosed down, scrubbed, sent to their rooms until they can come out and play by the rules,,,,,,,.So there!!! MOM

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