Friday, November 10, 2006

Can he turn Dell into a cool brand?

CNET "Dell's John Medica has worked on two very opposite sides of the PC industry.
In his early days as an engineer and executive at Apple Computer, he played an integral role in the development of the Macintosh II and the PowerBook. Now, as Dell's senior vice president in charge of product design, Medica is overseeing Dell's attempt to shed its image among consumers as a stodgy supplier of no-frills business PCs to a hip, edgy company attuned to the tech-savvy buyer. In other words, the 'Appleization' of Dell.
Upon his arrival at Dell in 1993, Medica built up another area in which Dell had little prior experience: the notebook business. He's now charged with finding new ways to make Dell's PCs stand out in a boring gray-and-black commoditized world that, ironically, it helped create. At the same time, Dell is rebuilding its relationships with consumers following an awful year in which it launched the largest recall in the history of the consumer electronics industry and admitted its service and support capabilities needed work."

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