Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blog Pimpin - Blog Maverick

Blog Pimpin - Blog Maverick: "Blogs, uhh, good God, what are they good for.....(sung to the tune of the song War)...

Has anyone noticed lately that more blogs posts are about other blogs, which are writing about whats being reported in other blogs than about something original from the author ?

Far be it for me to be a cynic, but it sure seems like more blogs are being written with the goal of getting traffic than with the goal of saying something original. Its almost as if bloggers are the new rappers with Blog Pimpin and Blogwars becoming analogous to Rap Wars. "

- read about where Mark Cuban thinks he has figured out BlogPimpin and the knuckleheads that try and explain it.. FYI... Mark... YOU JUST GOT BLOG PIMPED!

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