Friday, September 22, 2006

ATM Maker Readies Anti-Hack Patch

Wired News: "The maker of a popular line of automated teller machines is planning a software upgrade that forces operators to change a default administrative pass code, after a surveillance tape showed a high-tech thief successfully hacking one of its ATMs in a Virginia gas station.
'If we can make them change this default password, the security will be infinitely greater,' said Hansup Kwon, CEO of California-based Tranax Technologies.
Last week, news and video reports circulated of a swindler who strolled into a Virginia Beach, Virginia, gas station and, with no special equipment, reprogrammed a mini ATM to act as if it had $5 bills in its dispensing tray instead of $20 bills.
Using a pre-paid debit card, the crook then made a withdrawal and casually strolled off with a 300 percent profit. The ATM stayed misprogrammed for nine days -- presumably to the delight of other customers -- before a good Samaritan reported the issue and exposed the caper. The thief was not caught."

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