Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection Unit

Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection Unit: Nitech™ Nitrogen Rejection Unit

BCCK’s Nitech NRU technology allows natural gas companies to recover once-bypassed reserves profitably, regardless of nitrogen gas concentrations. Also, when implemented in the mining industry, the Nitech process is instrumental in reducing the levels of methane within coal mines.

The Nitech process is an economical, effective and highly efficient way to remove excess nitrogen from gas streams. While most nitrogen removal systems are economical only for volumes of gas 30 MMSCFD or larger, Nitech removes high concentrations of nitrogen from as little as 3 MMSCFD. The Nitech process works equally well in larger applications – even with inlet gas flow at 250 MMSCFD or higher. "

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