Monday, July 31, 2006

MySpace Guardian provides a false sense of security

CNET "There are plenty of options for parents who want to keep their kids safe on MySpace, not the least of which are good old-fashioned self-education (do you know how to translate 'm4d sk1llz?'**) and proactive involvement in learning what kids are up to online. But for those who remain daunted by the idea of online social networking, there's the MySpace Guardian, a free downloadable toolbar that's designed to help parents track activity on their children's profiles.
Unfortunately, there's nothing about the MySpace Guardian that offers genuinely new ways to make site use safer. It does give easier access, via a drop-down menu, to particular areas of MySpace (profile view, comments, inbox) that some less tech-savvy parents might have trouble locating otherwise. (A plus, yes, but nothing that couldn't be done through simple bookmarking.) There's also a search-the-web menu and, somewhat randomly, a Skype menu."

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