Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hackers Fight Authority in NYC

Wired News: "NEW YORK -- On the 18th floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania, an anonymous crowd gathered. Their ages ranged from 13 to 80; they wore everything from T-shirts or formal suits to pastel sundresses or Goth black mesh. But you could tell they were together by their matching conference tags that displayed numbers instead of names.
The numbers gave participants, many of whom go by pseudonyms, a shield of anonymity. But they also reminded everyone that we live in a techno-bureaucracy where everyone is reduced to a statistic.
For the estimated 2,000 people who attended the sixth Hackers on Plant Earth, or HOPE, conference this past weekend, the semiannual event was a lesson in questioning assumptions about technology, politics and social norms. It was run by members of the antiauthoritarian hacker group 2600."

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