Friday, May 12, 2006

Lawsuit seeks to block Google settlement

CNET "Lawyers representing Internet search advertisers filed a lawsuit this week in an attempt to block a proposed $90 million settlement to a class-action click fraud suit against Google, a lawyer and the lead plaintiff said Thursday.
'The settlement is just a joke,' said plaintiff Joseph Kinney, a Pinehurst, N.C., security consultant who said he has lost about $1,500 to click fraud on ads related to his Web site. 'A jury needs to hear these issues and Google needs to be held accountable.'
Lane's Gifts and Collectibles and Caulfield Investigations sued Google and other search engines in February 2005 in state court in Texarkana, Ark., accusing them of charging advertisers for clicks on online advertisements that were fraudulent or done in bad faith and not with the intention of legitimate commerce.
Google reached a settlement with the plaintiffs in March that provides for $30 million to be used for lawyer fees and $60 million to pay credits to affected advertisers. The settlement would not apply to other defendants, namely Yahoo, Lycos, Miva, and LookSmart. "

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