Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Monkey Bites - Domain Name swiping?

Monkey Bites: "This morning, Paul spotted this bit of news within a Slashdot thread discussing the launch of the Perens open source domain parking service.
As the user GoatMonkey2112 (no relation) points out, he performed a little test of his own design at GoDaddy.com. He went to the domain registrar's site, found an available domain name, added it to his cart, and then cancelled his shopping cart. He returned the next day to find the domain name parked, and thus available only by paying an inflated fee.
Disreputable hosting providers are nothing new. Some people have reported having their domains swiped within minutes of searching at other registrars. However, GoDaddy is one of the larger domain name registrars, offering multiple hosting packages and maintaining a high-visibility television advertising campaign."

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