Monday, November 07, 2005

Homeland Security's vague cyber plan

CNET "A preliminary report released by the Department of Homeland Security seems to scatter cybersecurity responsibilities across the government and the private sector while sticking to generalities about future plans.
In its 175-page draft of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (PDF), the department outlines a broad framework for protecting the nation's 'critical infrastructure' and 'key assets'--bureaucratic argot referring to everything from the power grid to dams to computer systems.
President Bush first commissioned the plan in December 2003, and the Department of Homeland Security released an early version in February. According to a notice announcing the document's availability, the latest version aims to provide greater detail.
The term 'cybersecurity' appears 148 times the draft, and a 16-page appendix devoted to the topic offers some suggestions for threat analysis, response readiness and training. "

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