Wednesday, June 15, 2005

CapRock Launches Disaster Recovery Service Just in Time for Hurricane Season

Satellite Package Provides Complete Portable Voice & Data Communications

HOUSTON — June 15, 2005 — Hurricane season has officially started, and CapRock Communications is ready to help businesses and emergency response teams weather the storms. The leading provider of global satellite communications has launched a pre-packaged communication service program designed specifically for the 2005 hurricane season. Designed for disaster relief agencies, public utilities, hospitals and any business in the affected region, the self contained “DR-250” communications package includes all the equipment and service needed to get back online with both telephone and broadband data services, immediately after the storm.

“Last year the gulf coast was hit three times in the same hurricane season, knocking out power and communications from Florida to Texas for weeks at a time” said David Myers, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for CapRock. “For many organizations that kind of downtime can put you out of business. With the National Weather Service predicting 7-9 hurricanes in US waters this season, we have had tremendous inquiries into emergency back-up communication services. To make it easier to find that peace of mind, we developed the DR-250 satellite communications service.”

CapRock’s DR-250 package is a complete portable business communications kit that includes a trailer-mounted satellite antenna, integrated satellite networking gateway, uninterruptible power supply, telephones, and facsimile. The equipment package provides direct access to the public telephone network and always-on broadband Internet access with speeds up to 256 kbps. For a one-time fee, the system is reserved and kept on stand-by for each specific customer, for the duration of the hurricane season. The reservation guarantees that, in the event of a storm, the system is ready and waiting to re-establish communications, wherever the customer needs it. If deployed, the customer pays a flat rate monthly fee for as long as they need to use the equipment. Once normal communications is restored, the customer returns the equipment, with no further obligation. The DR-250 package is currently available for reservation and deployment anywhere in the continental United States. CapRock can develop custom solutions for international applications.

“Businesses and emergency response teams preparing for the storm season have plenty of things to worry about.” added Myers, “With our new DR-250 satellite service program, a backup communications system doesn’t have to be one of them.”

About CapRock Communications
CapRock Communications is the premier satellite communications provider for the off-shore oilfield, maritime, construction, and mining industries, as well as for disaster relief and government applications. By offering complete managed telecommunications solutions in the world’s harshest and most hard-to-reach environments, CapRock has earned a reputation as the one to call when reliability matters. The company utilizes the latest field proven satellite technologies to deliver highly reliable communication services for broadband networking, real-time video and digital telephony. “Best of breed” partnerships, technical expertise and a robust self owned and operated global infrastructure enable CapRock to deliver on its promise to be the market’s reliability leader. More information about CapRock is available at

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